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Aryan Occupational Health Check-up Centre

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Aryan Occupational Health Check-up Centre

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'Occupational Health' is a medical speciality, which focuses on the interaction of people with their work.

Aryan Occupational health check-up center provides independent, impartial and expert advice to support people in their work, and to assist employers in supporting health at work for all employees.

Our goal is to create a meaningful parternship with our clients and support their objective in the promotion and maintenance of the highest degree of physical, mental and social well being of the workers in all occupational health model offered for our clients a proactive and managed approach to employee wellbeing.

Occupational health check

  • Occupational health check is a term used to describe a variety of employee health screenings required by employers. The primary purpose is to prevent work related injuries and disease
  • To establish that candidates are able to meet the physical requirements of the job prior to assignment.
  • To monitor health status at periodic intervals when the job involves exposure to potential health hazard.
  • To establish that employees are able to return to work after a prolonged absence for health reason.
  • To establish the condition under which employees with illnesses, injuries or disabilities are able to continue working


  • Qualified Doctors
  • Well trained paramedical staff.
  • 24 x 7 Services
  • Fully automated diagnostic center
  • Well equipped hospital backup.