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Aryan Pre-Employment Health Screening Center

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Aryan Pre-Employment Health Screening Center

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A Pre-Employment health screening is an exam usually performed by health care professional to determine if an employee is medically fit for the job and the specific duties required. The pre-employment exam may include a routine history and physical, drug screening and/or complete lab work. Employees may also be required to perform physical ability tests to measure their ability to perform a partICCUlar task. The purpose is to determine where the employees can be placed to function at his or her best without risk of injury. Blood test results and other clinical information can also be used to establish a baseline at the start of employment. This information can be used to evaluate changes in health status that may occur later on.

Perhaps most importantly, the result of pre-employment physicals should be used to place workers in jobs that are well suited for their health, and not to screen out workers for improper purposes. The physical examination must be related to the job applicant will be doing. Psychological testing is also required in some occupations where workers are exposed to high level of stress: for example air traffic controllers and law enforcement personnel.