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Dr. Sunita Dube

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Dr. Sunita Dube MBBS, MD, DMRE, FRHS, FCCP, ADHA, PG.DND, DCH. A professional Radiologist comes from a very humble family with its roots in Uttar Pradesh. After completing her post- graduation in Radiology, to gain proficiency, experience and confidence, she worked in various hospitals in and around Mumbai like
Bombay Hospital and Medical Research centre
K. J. Somaiya Medical College & Research centre
Dr. D Y Patil Medical College Hospital & Research centre

During her experience, she had seen large number of patients from both the middle class and poor class. She was appalled at the way the poorer sections were handled and treated. Saddened by what she saw she decided that she must devote time and money for their betterment. This was her beginning.

Dr. Sunita Dube started Aryan Hospital In 2003 in Kurla, a suburb of Mumbai, dominated by large areas of slums with people living in unhygienic conditions. She herself lives there and knows the pulse of the population. During the early times of her Post graduation studies and when she started the hospital she would personally be present there to see that they get proper treatment irrespective of the type of ailment he/she suffered from. Be it any field she would talk to the respective doctor and she saw what best could be done economically and without compromise on the quality of treatment.

All her work was appreciated and lauded by her colleagues and patients as well. She now felt that she has to move beyond seeing patients and handing the hospital, which by now had almost all the branches, to trusted lieutenants she moved into an area where there was need to create awareness on various issues of health, nutrition, disease etc. among the poor masses and also to bring the diverse field of medicine on to one common platform.

Given this background it would not be out of place to give a brief of what she has done and achieved.

After establishing her hospital, Dr. Sunita Dube started Aryan Medical & Education Trust, where funds received are being used for various social & charitable cases thus keeping her proactively involved in such activities. Keeping in line with her philanthropic engagement, she had donated A) Medical Equipment like Nebulizers to various Children Homes B) Water filters to a number of municipal schools to prevent water borne diseases C) Providing Free Ambulance services in her locality.

As director of Aryan Group of hospitals, Dr. Dube made compassionate efforts to provide basic health care and education for the marginalized people of our society. Working with these people, she realized and concluded that the requirements of Healthcare services have massive infrastructure issues, which affects the functioning of basic essential healthcare system. What is more she found that there was lack of proper and clear communication between doctors and patients leading to mistrust suspicion and anger. Even Dr. Dube, feels the need of a platform where they can stand for each other, forgetting the branch and Specialization they are from, especially during crisis.

As founder, Chairperson of MedscapeIndia an initiative of Aryan Medical & Education Trust Dr. Sunita Dube pioneered a first of its kind organization, in 2011, which brings all the medical specialty bodies and units together on a common platform to inculcate a culture of holistic and fair health care system in our country.

All her efforts have not gone in waste .She has received a number of awards for her dedication and relentless work across the country. Some of these are:

  • WOMAN ACHIEVER AWARD IN 2011,2012,2013,2014 in a row

Some of the other major initiatives of Dr. Dube summarized below

  1. Bringing fragmented Indian health care specialty which includes Allopathic, homeopathy, physiotherapy, Ayurveda & paramedical together under health care community and a fair affordable healthcare system in the country in 2011.
  2. Creating awareness on Female feticide- “SAVE THE GIRL CHILD” - by working with motivated doctors and inspiring the others to work ethically especially general practitioner, gynecologist, and radiologist by strict counseling of patients when they approach doctors for a son.
  3. Conducted largest rally of doctors in Mumbai to create awareness about prevention of mother to child HIV transmission, truck driver, and transgender. Also conducted debate and panel discussion to fight stigma against HIV in a very innovative way. By involving doctors from across the country
  4. Cancer Survival Rehabilitation – she along with other doctors conducted Art Exhibition to empower cancer survivor.
  5. Initiated HIV Go Away Campaign with Eunuch, and supported by Celebrity,
  6. “Save the Girl Child Movement Campaign” done by her was personally Appreciated and congratulated by Honorable President Mr. Pranab Mukherjee and The Nobel laureate Shree Kailash Satyarthi.
  7. Initiated the world’s first unique health awards initiated in 2011 to inspire medical & paramedical communities with the Socio-Scientific involvement of the medical fraternities.
  8. Initiated Doctor’s Anthem:-This anthem will motivate and create a sense of faith amongst the patients, their family and citizens of the country. It will encourage and remind all of them about their duty towards humanity. We believe that this anthem will contribute towards India Vision 2020 for national development.
  9. Initiated Anokhee Pahal – It is a great initiative taken by Dr. Sunita Dube, being replicated around the entire Country. It covers not only the Health but also other deficiencies and sufferings within the metropolis. This is a highly appreciated effort by the team of Doctor’s working round the clock for the awareness of Tuberculosis, Cancer & Women Empowerment etc. This is beneficial to the “Common Man of India “and MedscapeIndia will grow with all-inclusive.
  10. Initiated a campaign “MILION SMILE” for woman empowerment. In this, each empowered woman empowers many other women there by continuing the chain of empowerment. This puts a Smile on every woman’s face adding up to a million. This campaign continues even in 2015.
  11. Initiated a panel discussion, in 2013, in Mumbai to discuss various aspects of Medicine and the problems faced by them in presence of Late Prof. Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam Azad. In this panel discussion, almost 500 doctors participated. He praised Dr. Sunita Dube for this initiative and promised to support their cause.
  12. Conducted Campaigns, rallies and Medical Camps on a regular basis with a purpose of either creating awareness to understand the need of common people or to provide Medical treatment and /advise patients. Till date 500 or more such campaigns, rallies camps have been conducted
  13. Initiated, in June 2016, the Fit India Campaign with a Vision of Creating a healthier nation:
    Physically, intellectually and spiritually!
    A Mission a)To create a responsible community in the nation, b) To engage all stakeholders in order to realize the vision of FIT India, c) To develop a culture of philanthropy among communities. Final objective being: To create a responsible community in the nation which aims to make India a fitter India
  14. In December 2016, soft launch FID KIDS which proposes to take the children of India into its fold under Fit India movement and train them in various aspects of Life Saving exercise so that they become not only life savers of India but also Little Doctors

She received recognition and personal acknowledgement from Honorable President Shri. Pranab Mukherjee and Nobel Laureate Shree Kailash Satyarthi for save the girl child movement campaign

Not to forget the town where she hailed from, Bhadhoi Dr. Dube runs a 60-bedded hospital there for neonates & a general hospital in remote areas called Suriyawan in Bhadhoi with her father she is running two intermediate college & Degree College, which focuses on women education. She belongs to the remote area where she inspired many women to go for higher education and provided the facility like a Special Bus to pick up and drop students for the same. This college trains woman for IAS, PCS and Medicine.

She was the sole reason to bring a college K. N. Bakshi College of education in Jharkhand for the underprivileged students by forming a team of five doctors and involving them to run a college. She has motivated doctors to work in rural area. Now the college is running a Secondary section where widows are encouraged to teach thus empowering them.

She has been instrumental in crusading against the most heinous and most diabolic female feticide by not only sensitizing the medical community but also addressing the root cause of Gender discrimination embedded in the social strata by adopting several girls and empowering them through quality education & better health awareness.

All what she has done and what she will be doing would not have been possible without her being involved with various bodies, association etc. Given below is a list in which she is/was involved in various capacities:

  • Indian Radiology and Imaging Association.
  • Indian Medical Association, Chembur Branch as Jt. Secretary.
  • Medical Cell of International Lions Club of Kurla as Medical Superintendent
  • Kurla East Doctors Association as President.
  • Government of Maharashtra as Special Executive Officer.
  • Sanjay Gandhi Niradhar committee of Government of Maharashtra as member.
  • Child relief center Mumbai as Medical Director.
  • Medical Cell Mumbai as Vice Chairperson.
  • Association of Medical Consultant (AMC) as member.
  • American Association of women Radiology as member.
  • Bhartiaya Kamgar Karmachari Mahasang (INTUC) as Director in a honorary position.
  • National Seamen’s Union who is also part of an association of medical consultant as Board member.
  • Mentoring Medical students in India & Radiology Women in USA
  • Column writer in various leading Magazine & Newspaper about different health & social issues.
  • Mentor in International Scholastic Federation.
  • Urban development committee/International Business Committee (IMC) as member.
  • Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) as member.

Dr. Niraj Dube

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Dr. Niraj Dube MBBS Krishna Medical college Karad ,specialized in pathology from Somaiya Medical college . He is trustee of Educational institute in Jharkaand also Aryan Medical & Educational trust Mumbai Further he continued his studies in Education Consultancy. He has guided & promoted more than thousands of students for higher education.

He changed & shaped the world of majority of students with path breaking ideas and actions. He try to find a solution to their problems. An amazing ability to meet the challenge and move on and not to approach the world as if somebody or someone has given them the worst luck possible, but to actually look at the bright side. He struggles with the students and help them to succeed.

His keen interest in cricket also made him famous & among the doctors society.

Grew out of a need to provide consistency, continuity, and better quality education

Balancing his professional and personal life.

Inspite of his multifarious and diverse activities, he still finds the time and energy, to go deep into matters concerning the hospital. He is always willing to lend a patient ear to doctors, officials and others connected with the hospital, who came to him for advice and guidance, and endeared himself to everyone who came in contact with him, with his humility, gentleness and innate goodness.